Oceanfront Condos – Galle is a project embarked by ICC that strives to pay tribute to the heritage city that has put the island nation on world stage.

The Project is essentially inspired by the majestic Galle Fort, one of the signature sites of down south. The proud barricade walls that stands tall against the openness of the sea has been effortlessly translated into Oceanfront, giving a sense of pride similar to that of the Fortress.

The luxury apartment complex that stands out from the rest in the historical city, boasts 96 units, spread across 16 storeys and are well equipped with modern amenities and facilities, just nestled 12 minutes from the southern Expressway,affirming convenience to those residing.

Bringing a colonial flair to modernized Sri Lanka, the Oceanfront is fashioned with a distinct design to keep intact the true vibe and feel of Galle.

The building itself resembles the barricades of the Fortress and looks on to the open scenic sea space.Keeping up with the concept are also the apartments and its rooms within, features an open sea view, a rarity in today’s real estate.

Upon entering through the heritage building one would find themselves in the vast open courtyard that is encircled with corridors, a key element that is synonymous with Dutch architecture. The courtyard features a Sea port Archway which offers a scenic view of the vast ocean. The entire property spells out Dutch elements with specifics such as its roof form, arches, textures, and the linear angled shape of the building itself, that depicts the fortress.

The apartments are conceptualized to stand on a single horizontal plane ensuring the scenic ocean view for every unit. With twice the height, residents are able to enjoy twice the view of the clear blue Indian Oceanthrough the toughened glass handrails in balconies in addition to having a more spacious feel.

Apartments range from 950 SQFT to 2600 SQFT making available units from one to four bedrooms.

Oceanfront features for recreation a freshwater swimming pool, well equipped gymnasium and a café/restaurant, which is located at the heritage building and open to the public.

Innovative in their methodologies, the ICC holds the highest ranting by the Construction Industry Development Authority of Sri Lanka (CIDA). The tire-one general contractor has a strong track record sinceinception as its rich portfolios includes a mix of government infrastructure projects, local and foreign client projects, and self-developed, designed & builds projects.

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